Document Sharing

Document Sharing Module Overview

Document Sharing is the HSEC Online module which enable our clients to share data with it’s clients, suppliers or vendors and visa versa.

More and more, businesses are highlighting the need for a more efficient, cost effective way for to manage their employee / contractor documentation as well as access to their sites and to ensure that both parties comply with the various health and safety regulations.

Both Employees and Contractors alike are required to comply with industries many health and safety regulations. These regulations usually require annual renewal, and in many cases, the expiration of certain certifications take both parties by surprise. This results in a loss of production or service for both corporate and contractor often carrying significate risk should there be for a fatality, serious injury or incident.

To effectively manage the health and safety compliance, organisations require accurate, up to date information regarding the validity status of all on-site personal documentation and accreditations. There is significant evidence that overall productivity increases and the risk costs reduce significantly with the ability to effectively govern and manage the process through a task and workflow management system, sharing electronic documents virtually.

HSEC Online is a web based system that, whilst ensuring the responsibility of compliance falls on the employee or contractor, also allows complete transparency, compliance and control for the corporate.

Contractor On-boarding

Challenge: Having a paper based system to handle contractor on-boarding is resource intensive. The Vendor will supply a pack of documents to the Contractor Management team and even with the best intentions, they often leave out the required documentation causing delays as the Contractor Management team tries to source the correct data.

Once the contractor pack is approved, the data has to be manually entered into the system from forms that are filled in, often by hand. Due too illegible writing and errors while capturing the contractor information, information is sometimes captured inaccurately.

Solution: HSEC Online allows the Vendor to submit information electronically to the Client, and the system will prompt the Vendor for all the documentation and inform them if anything is missing.

It then becomes the Contractor Management team or Contractor Owner responsibility to simply check the documentation and data supplied by the vendors and electronically approve or reject this documentation. On approval or rejection of a document, the Vendor is automatically informed via email and the system that there has been activity on their data submissions.

Keeping Existing Documentation Up-To-Date and Manual Processing of Data

Challenge: Updating of Medicals and other documentation which affects access to client’s sites is in most cases a manual process and requires the Vendor to send hard copies of the documentation. These hard copies then have to be collected and processed.

This information is then manually processed and updated onto the system, sometimes causing delays in allowing the contractor back onto site.

Again there is no confirmation to the vendor that his/her employee’s information has been accepted or rejected.

Solution: The responsibility of capturing the dates and details of updated documents should be the responsibility of the Vendor. The Contractor Management staff should simply be able to verify & approve or reject the documentation electronically.

Integration to Access Control System

Challenge: With the paper based systems, the access control system has to be updated manually.

Solution: HSEC Online can be integrated into existing access control systems which allows the Contractor Management Team to approve / reject a document, which will

  1. Lock that document on the vendor’s side so that it cannot be updated or modified.
  2. Update the access control system with the new document details that either block or unblock the individual’s access.

Seamless Communication between Vendor and Company

Challenge: There is generally no automated interface between the Vendor applying to have their employee on site and the Client.

Solution: HSEC Online allows the Vendor to see the status of their application and document submissions.  It allows the Company to communicate back to the vendor should there be any issues with their documentation via rejection reasons. When a document is approved OR rejected, the Vendor is notified of this update on the system

Termination of contractors or movement between companies

Challenge: Once the contractor has been on-boarded, there is no close off when the individual is terminated by the Vendor or moves to another company. A number of people remain on a vendors open badge list, even if they no longer work for the company.

Solution: With HSEC Online, as soon as a Vendor terminates an individual on their side, the system will automatically notify the Client and terminate the individual on the Clients database too.

Storing of Documents

Challenge: Filing of paperwork and searching through this paperwork is extremely resource intensive.

Solution: HSEC Online allows the vendor to submit a digital copy of each document, and archives historical documentation.  This reduces the requirement for large storage areas for the physical documentation. Digitally storing the documents also makes it easier to retrieve.

Motivation to go “Paperless”

The motivation to “paperless” continues to increase for a number of major reasons:

  • The Vendor becomes responsible for capturing information.
  • Contractor management (or the other responsible person) only needs to verify & approve the submission.
  • The cost of using and the time required to manage paper systems is large.
  • With documents being shared digitally, HSEC Online is an environmentally friendly solution
  • There is documented evidence that overall productivity increases significantly with the ability to share electronic documents virtually.

Managing Your Own Compliance & Your Vendors

Each company wishing to share documentation with any of the Corporate Client sites will be required to sign up with HSEC Online and pay the monthly subscription fee.  It is important to note that the Vendor is the owner of their data and that simply share their documentation with the Client sites.  Each vendor document, like a Letter of Good Standing, can be shared with a number of their clients, giving the Vendors the added benefit of being able to submit a document once and this single updated document is automatically available to ALL their clients for approval.

From a Vendors perspective HSEC Online adds value to their business in a number of ways. Below is a list of some of the advantages:

  • Manage your regulatory & legal compliance
  • Ensure documentation, certifications and competencies are current & readily available
  • Share Online Safety File with Clients
  • Report & Manage Incidents and Accidents and Action Registers
  • HSEC Online is web based and designed to work on most browsers and mobile devises – making it easy to use, and available anywhere.
  • Email notifications keep you up to date even if you haven’t logged in to HSEC Online.
  • Reusability – a single document can be shared with multiple clients.
    • Submit your Letter of Good Standing once for your company, and it automatically goes to all the clients you have shared it with for their approval.
  • Your data is yours – although you will be sharing data with your clients, the data remains the Vendors, and your clients will ONLY see data that you as the vendor has selected to share with your clients. This means the Vendor can use the system to remind them of compliance and renewal items for anything from BBBEE certificate to VAT returns.
  • With the 5 modules the Vendor can keep track of Company Documentation, Employee Documentation, Client/Vendor Documents, Equipment Documents and Action Registers all on a single system.
    • Safety File Sharing
    • Company
    • Employee & Competency (Job Description) Management
    • Equipment
    • Client / Vendor Management
    • Accident & Incident Reporting
  • Additional Modules (priced separately) include:
    • Leave Module
    • Baseline Risk Register Module
    • Inventory System
    • Attendance Registers
  • Manage Company documentation – tax clearance certificate, Letter of Good standing, company policies & procedures etc.
  • Managing Employee/Contractor certification and qualifications: Occupational Health Medicals, Safety Training and licenses.
  • Email Notifications: HSEC sends email notifications of certifications that will expire and need attention
  • Asset and Clothing management: manages allocation of Corporate Clothing, Personal Protective Clothing (PPE), laptops, cell phones, books, CDs
  • Contracts with Contractors/clients: let HSEC Online keep track of when contracts expire.
  • Incident Management & Reporting: manage and report on your accidents and incidents.
  • Baseline Risk Assessments Register
  • Audits and compliance become so easy!

Additional HSEC Online Modules

The Company Documentation Module could be used to ensure the businesses Health & Safety Policy documents are up to date and readily available.  HSEC Online can also be utilised to store your SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), Baseline Risk Assessments, and other critical documentation that should be reviewed annually.  The system will store each revision and simply, but effectively remind you when documentation needs to be updated.

The Employee Documentation Module will ensure that documentation for employees, including (but not limited to) Contracts, Safety Inductions, Toolbox Talks, Annual Medicals, Issuing of PPE are kept track of here.

The Equipment / Asset Register & Documentation Module stores documentation like SOPs and registers for equipment, portable tools, fire extinguishers, first aid boxes etc. It can even store statutory documentation such as crane load test certificates, sling inspections, calibration certificates and so much more.

The Client/Vendor Documentation Module would allow you to ensure that your contracts are in place with Clients and Vendors or from a Health & Safety perspective, do you have Section 37.2 for each of your sub-contractors?

The Ticketing Module is an action register that you could use from Minute Taking, to Disciplinary Actions, to tracking Near Misses / Accidents.  The Ticket Module is designed so that you can easily capture and investigate any type of Safety Incident and track the updates on the incident until you finally close the incident out with Correction and/or Preventative Actions. This module is a Manual Task and Workflow Initiator.