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3 Things We Wish We Knew About Compliance

Often within the industry we hear the phrase – “compliance is expensive”. However, what actually is expensive is a company that’s non-compliant!

Being caught off-guard with expired documentation can cost your company millions of rands. How do we know this?

Co-Founders Ingrid Osborne and Julie Mathieson learned this the hard way – showing up to site with expired documentation. And this is what would be written down in the history of the organisation as an expensive lesson learned!

This sparked the creation of a Simple. Smart and Safe Solution – HSEC Online.

Here are 3 things they wish your knew about compliance:

  1. Compliance is NOT expensive, it’s priceless – compliance protects your company against unnecessary costs
  2. It’s easy once you’re organised – what may seem to be like a nightmare can actually be a breeze – especially when using super smart technology like HSEC Online
  3. Conscious compliance changes the way you do business for the better



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