What is HSEC Online

HSEC Online motivation

The Complete Online Company & Employee Risk Solution that

  • Ensures all your Regulatory Documentation is available and up to date
  • Manages your Equipment & Assets
  • Manages your Employees & Contractors, including
    • Contracts and documentation
    • Job Descriptions & Competencies – ensuring employee and contractor qualifications and information is up to date, available, accurate and relevant to their job description
  • Document Management System
  • Equipment & Asset Register and management
  • Employees & Contractors Management
  • Online Register Management (Ticketing)
    • Incident Management
    • Disciplinary Register
    • Non-Conformance Register
    • Planned Job Task Observations



Both Employees and Contractors alike are required to comply with industries many health and safety regulations. These regulations usually require annual renewal, and in most cases, the expiration of certain certifications take both parties by surprise. This can and does result in a loss of production or service for both corporate and contractor.

More concerning, is that more often than not, site access is not tied into the expiration date of these obligatory certifications.  An employee’s specialised expired drivers license, for example, may not necessarily prevent site access to that employee; but should that employee then be involved in an on-site accident, this oversight could have serious consequences for both the company and the negligent employee. Furthermore, until the license is renewed, the employee in question is unable to perform his/her task, resulting in a loss of production, service and money.

These concerns highlight a need for change within the organisation. Organisations are under more pressure to adhere to the Health and Safety regulations, and need a way of managing compliance to prevent an incident before it occurs.

To effectively manage the health and safety compliance, organisations require accurate and up to date information regarding the validity status of all personal on-site. This in turn ensures that all parties are aligned with the organisations strategic and/or operational plan.


The solution – HSEC Online – Summary

HSEC Online is a complete online Documentation Management & Employee Management system.


Employee Competency

Create Job Descriptions which you specify required documentation for.  Allocating a Job Description to an employee will make HSEC Online confirm that they have the requirements and prompts the user if the individual is not competent. Examples of this

  • An Engineer needs a Degree or Diploma, a Medical and a Health and Safety induction
  • HSEC / SHEQ representative needs a Medical, Safety induction and First Aid and Fire training


Documentation Management

HSEC Online stores documents, their validity and history of each document. The system will also remind you when an item is due to be reviewed or updated, and keeps reminding the responsible people via email that items are due.

You can define exactly what you want the system to keep track of, so if you or your clients have a specific requirement you can add it any time.

Document management system applies to the following modules:

  • My Company
  • My People
  • Equipment & Assets
  • Clients & Suppliers


Register Management – Ticketing

The Ticketing Module is an online action register. The system will prompt and remind individuals that they have outstanding action items until they close off the item in HSEC Online.

Examples of what the Ticketing Module can be used for are

  • Accidents Register
  • Near Misses
  • Audit Findings and close out dates
  • Disciplinary Registers
  • Minutes of meetings – including action items
  • Health & Safety Incidents and Near Miss Registry
  • Keep an office to-do list with action items and due dates
  • Safety Observations


Web Based – and email notifications

HSEC Online is web based and designed to work on most browsers and mobile devises – making it easy to use, and available anywhere.

Email and SMS notifications keep you up to date even if you haven’t logged in to HSEC Online.



HSEC is an affordable hosted software service that empowers organisations and personnel to easily capture, distribute and collaboratively manage company compliance information and time & attendance online and in real –time.

HSEC has proven to eliminate hours of wasted time, save thousands in operational costs and dramatically decrease the IT burden which is currently trying to maintain up-to-date certificate information.

When time is money, HSEC provides a huge ROI to companies and contractors alike.

HSEC ensures that your organisation is not at risk when having to comply with Industries necessary health and safety standards.