Controlled Documents

Controlled Documents are documents which require scheduled review and approval to enable authority, accuracy and currency of the content.

They are version controlled and published/available for use.

These include: Company Documents, Standard Operating Procedures and documents which support functional activities (for example, forms and templates).

Controlling documents means tracking documents to ensure that employees who refer to them always have the correct and current document available.

We control documents to ensure the following:

  • the most recent revision of documents is available
  • obsolete documents, retained for legal purposes or knowledge preservation, are maintained,
  • controlled documents are reviewed and approved by authorised personnel for adequacy prior to issue,
  • documentation produced is within a consistent and professional framework of common documentation structures using templates,
  • the integration of controlled documents is properly established through cross referencing,
  • documents from external origin are controlled
  • documents issued to vendors, who are performing outsourced processes for the company are controlled and standard
  • Ensure that all the documents you use are control and registered on HSEC Online.