Accounting & Finance

HSEC Online is an online Document Management system which allows you to keep history of each document, the system will also remind you when an items is due to be reviewed or updated, and keep reminding you (and the responsible people) via email that items are due.  You define exactly what you want the system to keep track of, so if you or your clients have a specific requirement you can add it anytime.

In your accounting environment it would be perfect for the following:

  • Sharing documentation with your clients
  • Giving you line of sight for items that need to be reviewed or updated or need for renewal.
  • Some examples of what you could keep on HSEC Online are:
    • Provisional Tax
    • VAT
    • Financial Statements
    • BBBEE Certificates
    • The clients employees IRP5s
    • Tax clearance certificates
    • Annual Returns


  • As mentioned above you define what you want to keep track of, so the sky is the limit!


    • You have an option of 2 different ways to implement HSEC Online
      1. Hosted by us – this is a web based solution hosted by Saryx where we do all the backups and keep your data safe.
        • Your data is backed up and stored safely
        • It is accessible from anywhere in the world – any time of the day or night
        • HSEC Online is hosted on a secure site, and our consultants all sign non-disclosures to you know your data is safe and will remain yours.
        • You get access to upgrades as and when the happen.
        • You are sharing your IT load with a number of other companies, so your costs are considerably lower.
      2. Host your own – this allows you the freedom to host your own data


Apart from the document management side, there is also a ticketing system which will allow you (and/or your clients) to log requests with you, and you can assign your staff tasks. The system then keeps track of the items and keep on reminding you that they are still not closed off.