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TOOLBOX TALK 20/60: Taking Chances

Think about whether your crew asks the question “am I asking for trouble?” when they:

  • Climb a ladder while trying to carry a lot of tools by hand
  • Jump out of a truck or from a piece of heave equipment
  • Operate heavy equipment or travel in vehicles without wearing safety belts
  • Don’t wear eye protection when chipping, grinding or cutting
  • Try to lift something by themselves when more than one person or mechanical equipment should do it

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General: -Do not use grinding wheels that have chips, cracks or grooves. -Do not use grinder if it is not firmly anchored to the workbench. -Do not use the grinding wheel if it wobbles. Tag it “Out of Service.” -Adjust the tongue guard so that it is no more than 1/4 inch from the grinding […]


Do’s: -Replace the guards before starting machines or after making adjustments or repairs to the machines. -Contain long hair under a hat or hair net, regardless of gender. -Read and obey safety warnings posted on or near any machinery. -Report damaged/inadequate machine guarding to your supervisor -Guards must be easily removable Dont’s: -Do not remove, […]