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Two Farm-Grown Techies with a Smart Idea

What do you get out of a small farming town?

A brilliant idea set to revolutionise the way companies have been managing their safety and documentation processes for eons.

Ingrid Osborne and Julie Mathieson, co-founders of Saryx were born and raised on South African farms but found their calling in the engineering worlds.

Through mutual friends, the farm-grown techies crossed had crossed paths, and what would be the beginning of a formidable business partnership. They worked for two years at different corporate engineering firms in Zululand, and immediately hit it off after realising they shared similar experiences, expertise, and frustrations with the corporate environment.

The dynamic tag team duo knew they possessed the technical skillset to stand on their own, and decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and launch a business together to solve the country’s engineering challenges.

While the company executed projects diligently over the subsequent years, Saryx faced a challenge. Most of their employees were working on various client sites away from the office and many of these sites required legal compliance and safety documents and to gain site access. More than once during this time, Saryx was caught off guard with costly expired documentation. This led to the decision that would change Saryx forever. The co-founders decided to generate their own web-based system, which automatically reminded the user of the expiry dates of the documents, from which they could directly access if a client required something.

This in-house product worked so well for the entrepreneurs that Saryx believed other companies would pay for this functionality. At this point, Saryx decided to invest its profits to develop the product to its full potential and market it commercially. HSEC Online was born.

HSEC Online is functional, and pre-empts solutions, not in time, but ahead of time, preventing costly consequences of expired safety compliance documentation.

“HSEC Online was designed for us, and if it can work for us, it will work for you!” Ingrid Osborne.

This system automates the entire risk compliance documentation workflow. The platform allows companies to seamlessly manage every step of the risk compliance documentation process, saving clients up to hundreds of hours on documentation for each project. The system allows for key site managers to be on track and in control!

What differentiates the solution further is its integration with companies’ security technologies, such as wireless gate access and door locks. The system automatically removes access privileges for those without proper accreditation.

Deliberately coded for customer service, companies across the African continent are switching to the obvious choice of safety and compliance management solution.

After the successful launch of the HSEC Online Product in 2016, Saryx had a 277% growth rate by the end of 2017 with over 13000 clients signing up and using HSEC Online to store their safety and compliance information and has a presence in 7 other Africa countries, saving clients an estimated $324M in violation costs each year.

Saryx has won various awards including: the FNB Business Innovations

Award 2018. Saryx and both co-founders have also been selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs and were finalists in the Standard Bank Top Business Awards 2018 – Innovation Through Technology.

The company has also won the 2018 MEA Business Awards

– Most Complete Engineering Solutions 2018 KwaZulu-Natal


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